The Indelible Robert Snow

September 8, 2022

Raised among musicians, his father, his uncle, and his cousins played an integral part in his entry into music. He began playing second chair coronet at McMain High School and came up being shown that to be a real musician, your talent transcended genres. Through necessity, he eventually found his way to the upright bass and the electric bass. He gigs more than any musician I know. Some of his past bands include King James and the Special Men, The New Orleans Jazz Vipers, and the Abitals. He currently plays in The Cotton Mouth Kings, The Mighty Melatauns, The Smokehouse Trio, Little Freddie King, and The Franklin Avenue Underpass. He has seven records out running the gamut from trad jazz, to swing jazz, latin, rock, blues, and funk. Some of the many places he can be found performing include the Gazebo on Decatur, BJ's in the Bywater, and the Spotted Cat on Frenchmen. You can find his music at the Louisiana Music Factory and on Spotify. He is simultaneously humble, fascinating, and immeasurably talented. Join us as we get to know Robert and discuss his projects, current and future.


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